Don’t Get Ripped-Off! Ex-Car Salesman Reveals Easy Car Buying System…

View the Lowest Possible Price from local dealers with this insider process — it’s how to get the price not published in papers… you could save $3,000 to $6,455 or more on a new car.

Introduction to the System: The plain truth is that car salesmen deserve their poor reputation. Sure, they are friendly, but behind the scenes all they see is money. Everyone knows the reason: The more money they can get out of you, the higher their commission. Sure they have a right to make a fair profit. But the tactics they use are not fair and transparent. This step-by-step guide shows you the brain-dead way to get a fair price for a car. Follow These Five Easy Steps to View the Low Unpublished Prices.

1. Get unpublished prices online: Obtain the online car pricing point certificate — use this free service to get ‘out-the-door’ prices with NO obligation whatsoever. Select a Vehicle & Complete Form HERE (select the car you want & sign-up to get a printable certificate). YOU WILL BE AMAZED BY THE PRICES.
2. Know Your Credit Score Now: If you do not know your credit score — and you plan to finance a new car — it is essential you obtain your credit report. A good score for car financing is above 620. They recently announced changes to credit scores for millions of people. You could qualify for a better loan. Check your current score, to see where you stand: See your credit score instantly here for free.
3. See How Much Loan You Can Get: You should see how much loan you can get before you enter the dealership. “When people don’t know how much loan they can get, the dealer can tell you anything.” In fact, you may be surprised by how much you qualify for. Especially in today’s market. See how much you can get before you step food on a car lot:
–> If you have a credit score above 620, check here.
–> If you have a credit score below a 620, you should check here.

You can also estimate your down payment..

4. Check New Car Insurance Rates:  Most people don’t consider their car insurance rates will go up or down depending on the make/model of your next car! Your  new car may be more or less expensive to insure. You should check rates for your current car and the car you plan to buy.  Check rates online for your current OR future new car online.
5. Skip the Extended Warranty: Extended warranties are huge money makers for car dealerships. That’s why if you buy a car they will attempt to sell you one. But Consumer Reports says to skip the extended warranty. Most people don’t use it. And most people that do require repairs on a new car are covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

5-Step System Recap:

  1. Get Unpublished Pricing Online
  2. Check Your Current Credit Score
  3. Check loan amounts: If your credit score is above 620 check here. If your credit score is below 620 check here.
  4. Check New Car Insurance Rates
  5. Skip the Car Warranty When Asked