Step 3: See How Much Loan You Can Get

See How Much Loan You Can Get: You should see how much loan you can get before you enter the dealership. Some dealers try and offer you the loan that makes the most money for them. (Not what is best for you). FACT: More people overpay in the finance room than the showroom.


“When people don’t know how much loan they can get, the dealer can tell you anything.” In fact, you may be surprised by how much you qualify for. Especially in today’s market. See how much you can get — and at what interest rate — before you step food on a car lot:
–> If you have a credit score above 620, check here.
–> If you have a credit score below a 620, you should check here.
Also, do not be afraid to pull out a pen and paper and do the math and total cost of the loan while you are at the dealership. It’s okay to take your time and review all the details carefully.

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